PARALLEL PROJECT: Diary without words cont…February 14 to March 9 2017

Diary entries for February 14 to  March 9 2017

I have continued to work in my daily diary for the Parallel Project (see post of 14/2/17). This daily record is my space for experimenting and exploring emotional responses about each day without recording words. I am looking to find a language without words or representational images which will express an inner life. In my exploration of abstraction I quickly saw that when you take away images which the eye sees, it can seem that you are  left without a means of expression. You have to find a new language. (For my own interest and research, I am keeping a list of diary entries for each day using words to describe . This is because I don’t want my visual images to be simply pattern making!)

My daily entries into the diary are proving an excellent means of developing this language. I have to decide each day how I can express the different emotions, either with line, shape, colour etc. Then, if line, what kind of a line etc. These deliberations are not laborious because this is a diary and as I see it, needs to be intuitive rather than planned in any way. Quite often I will sit down in front of the empty page and my thoughts about the events of the day just lead me to pick up some tool and begin to move it across the page. I never plan what goes onto the page. Sometimes I am amazed at what appears. I never go back over an image whatever I have done because I don’t want to fall into the trap of thinking about composition etc. It’s all about an inner response …

The diary has had an effect on how I now approach my drawing generally. I’ve noticed that as I work on the projects for this part of the course, my marks are changing. I seem to have a greater mark making vocabulary to draw on and I can feel a growing confidence in using my own mark.

The diary is also proving an excellent mechanism for exploring abstraction as opposed to representation. I’m constantly coming up against boundaries of expression, just as if I’ve exhausted every kind of expressive mark. I then find a figure emerges in the image. Some days I find I just have to draw a figure however abstracted. Then the representational image recedes and I am back into abstraction. Yesterday I simply had to draw a daffodil…simply couldn’t express the day in any other way. So I’m fascinated with this dipping in and out of abstraction…not sure where that will lead. Perhaps all drawing is actually abstraction or maybe all abstraction is representation. Once again, more questions than answers!




About pbfarrar

I am an Australian living permanently in England. I have recently retired from the position of Principal of an independent school and have taken up the study of Fine Art with the OCA.
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