PART 5: project 2 – The Artist’s Book

PART 5: project 2 –THE ARTIST’S BOOK

So often I am finding with the course that the completion of a project does not mean the completion of an idea. A project will open up new ideas and start me on a road of experimentation and development which rarely stops when I have to move on to the next. This has been especially evident in the last two projects I’ve done. The final assignment piece for Part 4 required a site-specific artwork and I found that this opened up the opportunity to develop a relationship with a space. The piece revolved around a large planting of bamboo in the garden which I cut through to be able to enter into the centre of it. The drawings resulting from that were very personal and I felt the very gestural response was the act of my cutting through into a space which had been absolutely impenetrable for a long time and my forming a relationship with the space. So I decided to continue this ‘dialogue’ I was having with the bamboo as the subject for the book.

The second starting point for the book was where I left off in Part 5, project 1. Through my exploration of movement in a museum atmosphere, I began to explore the concept of ‘movement of thought’ and the contrast between the stationary body and the movement of the mind. I’ve been continuing this study in my parallel project.

The course instructions for this project are: “Review your research and, perhaps taking an idea from your existing sketchbook work, create and artist’s book about something which elapses over time.”

So the title of the book became…dialogue with a space

The aim of the book is to illustrate how thought moves over time. The experience of cutting through into the centre of the bamboo opened up new views for me but it was particularly significant for my grand daughter. For years the huge bamboo growth had terrified her and it was a part of the garden which she would only go to if we were with her. This fear extended to everywhere she saw some bamboo, even in small patches. Then when I cut through into the centre of the bamboo I encouraged her to come with me to see what was there. I think her imagination was caught and she entered into the small opening and along the narrow path and out the other side. This resulted in a complete transformation of thought. All the fear has gone and she is continually wanting to go into it. So…the bamboo itself hasn’t changed, only her thought of it has!

Here is what came when I started a dialogue with the space….


About pbfarrar

I am an Australian living permanently in England. I have recently retired from the position of Principal of an independent school and have taken up the study of Fine Art with the OCA.
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