Response to tutor report

Response to tutor report – part 4

General remarks

Space: I’m pleased that I’ve obviously made progress in this area as it has been a focus area for me for most of the course. Certainly the increase in research has helped considerably to meet this challenge.

Research: The considerable amount of research which I’ve done during this module was seen in the work produced.

Final assignment work: The final assignment work was not considered successful. I am left rather confused with the tutor’s comments. In my description post for Assignment 4 and the Reflection post I went into detail as to what my motivation was in the drawings I produced. They were meant as a physical response to the experience of being inside the bamboo and as such became for me, the experience of an installation piece. Naturally then, the mark-making was intensely gestural and yet this seems to have been seen as a negative. It was a very physical experience and I felt that my drawings were a response to that.

I’ve spent some time looking at the work of the artists suggested in the report, trying to understand the points made. The criticism appears to be that my drawings “do not have the structural impact” …”The final drawings do not have the vertiginous thrust of the bamboo poles or the vistas of light that either breaks through the canopy or defines the way out for the trapped viewer.” I simply cannot agree with this comment.


Natalia Goncharova

Comparing my drawings with the work of Natalia Goncharova in the Forest Series leaves me confused. Her work is stunning and I can see the strong sense of structure but I have no inclination to express my ideas in that way. I think my drawings have a strong feeling of thrust and structure and certainly express vistas of light breaking through the canopy.

They are indeed gestural but that was the purpose behind the marks I made – to express the feelings as I drew and not just to reproduce what I was seeing. Surely this has been one of the main features of this course, to encourage me to express more through my drawings that what is before my eyes.

Abstraction is the theme of my parallel project and I’m working at my drawings to understand ‘pure abstraction’. I have read ‘The Russian Experiment in Art 1863-1922” and felt to get an understanding of the beginnings of abstract art. This report once again puts particular emphasis on the work of this period and while I appreciate what I can learn from it, it is not the way I want to express my ideas. I’ve spent some time studying the abstract art in the Tate and there is a freedom and lightness in many of the works which resonate with me. Just as an example:

I think this is where I will find my voice.



About pbfarrar

I am an Australian living permanently in England. I have recently retired from the position of Principal of an independent school and have taken up the study of Fine Art with the OCA.
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2 Responses to Response to tutor report

  1. janecrathern says:

    Reading this I wondered if the Report was written by my D1 tutor, and it was! Being only human, I always felt the dense criticism would be motivating if balanced by some positive feedback. It could be a reflection of your commitment and potential that he takes such pains to write such a stern report. I always think your work and blog are of very high standard and I really enjoy looking at them. Jane


  2. pbfarrar says:

    Thanks so much for this…so encouraging!


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