Tutor Report – Part 4

Open College of the Arts
Tutor report


Student name Patricia Farrar Student number 422951
Course/Module Investigating Drawing Assignment number 4


Overall Comments

This is an interesting assignment submission because it demonstrates that the research that you are undertaking is having a positive effect on your perception and development. The environmental interventions have made you not only think about place and the impact that you can make on an environment but also your sense of place within that environment. My only reservation concerns your final assignment drawings, which tend to express gesture and line in a manner that is close to Rayonism or Rayism (I will explain this in the Feedback).

Feedback on assignment

In terms of the Assessment criteria the work you have produced for this Assignment demonstrates competent to very competent technical and visual skills. However you say in your blog that

“I feel my observational skills are excellent as can be seen in the detailed drawings of shadows.”

(And please note that I am not criticizing you here)

I would never say that my observational skills were excellent because in my opinion I am never satisfied with my own work as an artist otherwise I would give up tomorrow. We should always be driven by dissatisfaction and the need to question everything we do so we strive for excellence but most artists will tell you that they feel that they never ever achieve it.

Your shadow drawings are of a high standard but note my constructive criticism here – Look at the drawing of the creeper in your sketchbook. You have attached a photo of the creeper for reference. If we look at the wall behind the creeper is it lighter or darker than the creeper branches? Are those creeper branches standing out against the light stones and creating very defined curves and twists?

Does your drawing emphasize these curves and are the tendrils of the creeper defined against the lighter stone wall?

Do you feel that your drawings tend to be too dark and contrast and structure can be lost?

Quality of outcome is again, very competent in your studies for shadows and reflections and in the ideas and work carried out for place of significance (which is your strongest and most accomplished work for the course so far). However the final assignment drawings are not so convincing because they do not have the structural impact or imply the all –embracing (cathedral-like), canopy of the bamboo that is conveyed in your photographs and video. I sense you have been influenced by the drawings of Creffield but not really understood their almost sculptural sense of structure, definition of line and innate sense of monumentality. The final drawings do not have the vertiginous thrust of the bamboo poles or the vistas of light that either breaks through the canopy or defines the way out for the trapped viewer. Rather the light is treated like rays, as are the bamboo shoots – this is similar to Rayonist experiments practiced by Mikhail Larinov from 1909 to 1913 and particularly to Natalia Goncharova’s Forest series (1912/13). However the drawings do not have the sense of construction that feature in in Goncharova’s work for example. It occurs to me that you need to approach abstraction by questioning whether you want to continue abstracting from form or figuration or whether you are looking to move to pure abstraction or what Malevich termed as non-objective abstraction.

Summary of points arising from this assignment:

I would suggest that you study Malevich’s The Non-Objective World published by Paul Theobold and Company. I would also suggest that you experiment with your subject matter and come away from natural forms. Look for example at the drawings and paintings of the Architects Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind and in turn how the paintings, architectonic designs or Prouns of El Lissitzsky and Lakov Chernikov inspired them.

This in turn could add to you Parallel Project topics.

Learning Logs and Sketchbooks

 These are strong and I am happy with the progress that you are making.


Tutor name: Richard Liley
Date 22/01/17
Next assignment due 22/03/17

Assessment Criteria


Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills Materials, techniques, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills.
Quality of Outcome Content, application of knowledge, presentation of working in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas.
Demonstration of Creativity Imagination, experimentation, intention, development of a personal voice.


Reflection, research, critical thinking





About pbfarrar

I am an Australian living permanently in England. I have recently retired from the position of Principal of an independent school and have taken up the study of Fine Art with the OCA.
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