REFLECTION: Part 4 – assessment criteria

REFLECTION: Part 4 – assessment criteria


Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I feel to be demonstrating good use of materials and have expanded my exploration into new ways of responding eg in the use of wire, textiles and drawing with shadows. I feel my observational skills are excellent as can be seen in the detailed drawings of shadows. This module has required further development of visual skills in looking at drawings in nature and in becoming more aware of drawing in a wider sense with site-specific work. I feel I have met this requirement very well. As far as design and compositional skills, I know that these areas are seen to be weak but I feel that there is definite improvement here. I have focused on this in my research (see Reading post) and so have raised my awareness of the use of space. It has been interesting that in this module the emphasis has been on a different element of ‘space’, that is, on the space around the image as in installation work and much of the research has centred on bringing the viewer into this space. I feel that my work for project 3 with the textile drawing and the use of the mobile phone camera to include the viewer in the picture space showed that my understanding of ‘space’ as an important element in composition has improved.


Quality of outcome

I am pleased with the work I‘ve produced in this area. I feel that my work is showing the maturity which I’ve been struggling for, that I have grasped the ideas presented in this section and been able to communicate these ideas through the work. The quality of my research has been a determining factor in this I feel and because of this I know I have made huge progress. Site specific installation work doesn’t come easily to me but I feel that I’ve been able to dig deeper into the subject and discover my own creative expression in it and this has been very satisfying for me.


Demonstration of creativity

I think my work is highly creative and experimental and I know the levels I have to go through in order to achieve a final outcome. A final outcome is never found in the first idea and I have worked through numerous stages to arrive at a point where I know a new way of thinking has been seen. In both the Installation project and the Assignment piece I continued to explore and experiment until I got to the point where the work revealed a new and expansive viewpoint for me and I could have just continued on. I think this may well have been because I was beginning to see the potential of abstraction and this is particularly exciting. I believe this will be where my personal voice lies.



In this area I have made great progress. I have been reading extensively and have loved it. I can see the impact this has had on my work in this section. I have been able to contextualize my ideas and ways of working through this research. I continue to visit exhibitions regularly and these too have had an impact on my work. This research has laid a foundation for my ideas for the parallel project which will b firmly established in my own work.


About pbfarrar

I am an Australian living permanently in England. I have recently retired from the position of Principal of an independent school and have taken up the study of Fine Art with the OCA.
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