Part 4: Environmental interventions – project 1: Found images

Project 1: Found Images

Aim: The aim of the exercise is to open up your mind to new possibilities in terms of understanding what line can be. So often, nature does it better.

Method: Look for natural processes that produce a drawing. Collect photos and sketches of nature’s drawings.

This was a great exercise and there seemed to be no end to the images of nature’s drawings…the more I looked the more there was.  Here is a selection:


I took some of these images and began to work with them in the sketchbook to explore where they would lead. These were done on the iPad.


Further drawing was done with charcoal and pencil:




Finally, working with watercolour, charcoal and soft pastel…


See my post on Reflections to see how I worked with the found image to explore new ways of working.



About pbfarrar

I am an Australian living permanently in England. I have recently retired from the position of Principal of an independent school and have taken up the study of Fine Art with the OCA.
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