PART 2: Project 1 – Space, depth and volume


Project 1 – Space, depth and volume

This project focused on creating a believable illusion of space and depth in two dimensions with particular concentration on correcting any over-reliance on the use of outline. I took as my subject for this project some work I had been doing on sketching sculptures at the V&A. I am fascinated by these works and love to spend time drawing them.

A particular sculpture, by Valerio Cioli (although there was a question mark against his name on the caption!) called ‘Narcissus 1560, had interested me and I spent a day doing a couple of quick sketches of it. I used a thick 7B pencil which responds similarly to charcoal in respect of its softness and I found that my response to the sculpture made me draw on the side of the pencil because it was the volume and depth of the image which fascinated me. When I use a pencil like this, there is no line work involved and it’s almost as if you are moulding the figure out from the paper surface.

Back in the studio, as directed by the Course, I covered a sheet of paper with charcoal and then began drawing the figure with the eraser. This is a wonderful tool to use, especially the putty rubber. Using the rubber, charcoal, a pan pastel tool and tissues, I worked with the surface of the paper to create the shapes and volume of the figure. The time I had spent in the gallery sketching the sculpture proved extremely valuable preparation. There was never any need to use outline because it was volume I was looking for. It took a day and a half to draw with painstaking concentration on detail of the different tones. The slightest incorrect drawing of the areas where light was falling through the figure out. It was in getting the right areas of light and tone which produced the structure of the back muscles and enabled me to show the beautiful rhythm of the figure.



About pbfarrar

I am an Australian living permanently in England. I have recently retired from the position of Principal of an independent school and have taken up the study of Fine Art with the OCA.
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